Courtney Wren-Mabbutt

Embodiment ~ Flow ~ Connection ~ Love

Courtney Wren-Mabbutt, Masters of Clinical Social Work, is a therapist offering services in Nelson and Winlaw, British Columbia. She works with individuals, couples, children, and families. She is registered with the BC College of Social Workers. Phone and skype sessions available.

She provides Somatic Psychotherapy offering an embodied-relational approach to healing. She is trained in Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Attachment/ Relational therapy, Systemic/ Family Constellations, Nature Based Healing/Shamanism and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing).


Online booking is available. If you are new to working with me, please connect with me first for an initial consultation.


My life journey has been guided by remembering and experiencing moments of Being... The moments when you tune into a tree, hear the wind in the leaves, notice the coolness coming off running water, notice your feet on the earth, the beating of your heart. That tuning into your own organic, wild way of being; knowing that you are able to show up in whatever happens next. In those moments I can hear the wisdom of my body and the feelings of my heart, and I’ve come to discover that these moments are ones of connection, to myself, the moment, and to others. As I have nurtured these moments, I have discovered they can be more than something I visit, but rather a way of living my life. Now, I support others to experience life from this place of embodiment, flow, connection and love. Living from this place is a source of great healing, where we experience less stress and more ease. 




I have over 12 years experience in the field as a social worker and providing therapy and counselling. I previously worked as a grief counsellor and social worker in a children's hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, supporting families around end of life meaning-making, crisis, trauma, and grief. I then worked as a contract therapist with a non-profit agency, providing counselling to a wide range of issues in community. I specifically have specialized in working with trauma. I have experience leading groups, workshops, and healing circles. I have worked with people from a range of diverse backgrounds and social locations, including LGBTQ+ clients.

photo by Rod Currie

photo by Rod Currie

What I can help you with

Here’s a list of some of the issues I can support you with: relationship issues, grief/loss, sexuality, gender, sexual abuse/assault/harassment, emotional, physical and psychological abuse, anxiety/panic attacks, trauma, depression, end of relationship, addiction, attachment, boundaries, body image, illness/pain/disease, mental illness, learning disabilities, ADHD/ADD, family dynamics, finances, identity, spirituality, and healing your heart.


Integrating mind and body

My clinical approach is a relational-embodied approach to healing. It is informed by Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, Attachment/Relational therapy, Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Family Constellations, Nature Based healing/Shamanism, Somatic Experiencing -  a somatic embodied approach to working with trauma in the nervous system, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing).

My experiences have taught me that our bodies are wise and know how to heal. The journey to healing is to come into alignment with the organic wisdom of our selves, our beings, our minds and our bodies.  In my work I help people learn to listen to their bodies, and as such,  help people come into their own felt sense of life; to find their own experience, in a world full of stories and ideas of who we should be. This embodied & relational approach to healing allows us to shift the energies we are carrying whether they are our own, generational or collective.

Moss, somatic experiencing offered by Courtney Wren Mabbutt, a therapist in Nelson, Castlegar, and the Slocan Valley.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing is a body-centered approach to emotional healing and the resolution of trauma. Trauma occurs when our nervous system is overwhelmed by an experience or many experiences over time. Somatic Experiencing offers a safe, gradual way to eliminate the excess energy and help our nervous system return to self-regulation. 


Healing in Nature 

Our ancestors, those who came before us, lived close to the land and each other. They drummed, danced, told stories, made music and gathered around a fire. They lived in reciprocity with land, water, air, fire- relating to the whole of life and the great mystery of the stars. These ancient practices give us insight into the role that nature has to play in health, wellbeing and community. Through reconnecting with nature in a deeper, intentional, reciprocal way, we move deeper into connection with ourselves and others.