I have followed my own spiritual path in Shamanism, incorporating ceremony, ritual, the medicine wheel and connection to the land into my life and work. I have come to a deep understanding that all of our relations- the elements-earth, air, water, fire-, the stars, the moon, the sun, and those that came before us, guide and teach us on our journey on this earth. They support us to fully experience this life. They show us abundance and that all of our needs can be met if we can surrender. They hold us in safety. They help us to move in the shadow and the dark. Through remembering how to connect with these teachers and guides, we are grounded in the wisdom of our ancestors and the wisdom of the natural world. Being connected to this wisdom and grounding can then support us to come alive! To live from our own creative energy. 

Through use of shamanism, together we will work with and discover:

  • Rhythms of earth and moon - rhythms of our own healing and way of being in the world
  • How to ground ourselves in this earthly experience- to deeply bridge our spirits with our bodies
  • To live with the rhythms of the seasons, the cycle of the year, the cycle of life

  • Being in relationship with energy in your own field and the collective field

  • Use of the drum and sound healing
  • Connect with the elements- Fire water air earth
  • Generational healing
  • Use of story and metaphor to create and connect to deeper meaning
  • Reciprocal relationship with all that is around you and speaking to you in your life. A deeper connection to your life
  • Shadow work - walking with and holding both the light and the dark/heavy
Shamanic Ceremony, shamanic journeying and ceremony offered by Courtney Wren Mabbutt, a therapist in Nelson, Castlegar, and the Slocan Valley.

What I Offer:


Co-created ceremonies

Healing Circles

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Shamanic drum, shamanic journeying offered by Courtney Wren Mabbutt, a therapist in Nelson, Castlegar, and the Slocan Valley.