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...Courtney can seemingly adjust her counselling style to every situation...

"I have had quite a few therapists over the years and I can unreservedly say that working with Courtney has been the most productive therapeutic journey of my life.  Both her training and combined life/work experience give her a versatility that I have never experienced working with anyone else.  Like a great athlete can adapt their performance to fit any occurrence, Courtney can seemingly adjust her counselling style to every situation, ensuring that each session is productive in the way I need it (even if I'm not sure what that is).  I began seeing her to work through grief, but over two years she has helped me process myriad other issues that I had given up on ever hoping to resolve.  From early on in our sessions, she warned me that the work would be hard but assured me that we would take it on at my pace and that I would never be facing it alone.  Courtney has been true to her word in every way and as a result of the compassionate and safe environment she facilitates, I am more mentally and emotionally stable than I thought possible.  I would be remiss to exclude mention of her demeanour being one of the key factors that makes even the hard days feel like visiting with a trusted friend.  Courtney has a warmth of character that is rare and many of our sessions are interspersed with fits of laughter.  She offers a well-rounded complement of therapeutic tools and will meet you where you are, even if where you are is lost.  I am grateful to have her in my life and consider her an invaluable resource for thoughtful guidance and boundless compassion." - Nicole H.

"When working with Courtney I appreciate her honesty, clarity and presence. She is a wonderful listener, insightful and wise. Courtney helps me to recognize, honour and release patterns that no longer serve me and to live my life with playfulness, energy and calm. A joyful light who has done and continues to do her own work, she is an open hearted womyn whom I feel privileged to journey with!" -Marsha P.

"Courtney has helped me in so many ways; learning to live more in the present, learning about insecure attachment, learning to trust in my intuition and my body's wisdom, learning to grow though feeling the pain that I have carried with me, the nuts and bolts challenges of me that I don't always find easy yet. Her counselling has lead me to work on myself more and more, keeping me growing and moving forward." -H.A.

"Courtney has been and is an amazing person who has helped me come back in touch with parts of myself that had been missing." - Kurt C.

photo by Rod Currie

photo by Rod Currie

"Meeting Courtney and seeking her help led me to appreciate and learn about myself, my experiences, and my interactions in a way I didn't know existed. She is understanding, insightful, funny, wise, and so so good at what she does. I count myself as lucky to have the opportunity to work with Courtney." - Jane W.

"If you are lucky enough to have the good fortune of coming into Courtney's world then I would say it is a gift. Words just aren't adequate to portray the transformation that this very special person will bring to your life. I am getting tears just writing this so that kind of describes it all. She helped me through the hardest parts of my past and present and for this I am so honoured and indebted that we were able to find each other. She will always be a huge part of the next phase of my light and life. With gratitude and blessings." - Sharlene O.

"Courtney is a pleasure to work with. I really enjoy touching base with her routinely. I find it helps me to keep an open mind as we talk through ideas on both the personal and professional front." - Keenan P.